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Automation Controls 

John Washinsky, pres.  Automation Consultant

Phone(336) 712-0569
EMAIL ATUdesigns@gmail.com
Web Site :http://www.ATU1.com/ATU
PO. Box 1725
Clemmons, NC  27012

revised 07/02/2007

PLC, Embedded  Systems, Machine Vision & Motion Control

NEW Control Systems or Automation

Will work with your mechanical design department or other  firms to meet your specifications. Over 30 years of Control Design Automation experience and extensive programming knowledge for Allen-Bradley, Automation-Direct , Omron and other PLC's. 


Limping along with old equipment or paying sky-high fees for discontinued replacement parts?  Don't buy a new machine, let us refurbish your old equipment with state of the art controls to your specification.  We can reduce change-over time and increase run time of your machine or process.  We have years of experience in upgrading equipment with minimal downtime during the conversion. 


Your current equipment just doesn't do as well as you had hoped or you need added functionality?  Let me evaluate your machine for a better low cost solution.


Equipment with no prints, no documentation, no PLC source?  Need to have prints updated? We have extensive Autocad experiance and can bring your machine documentation up to date. 


Need help getting information to and from your automation?  Want to collect data real time for your company information systems, but don't have the resources or know how? Different brands of PLC's and devices that you want to communicate with?  Let us take a look at your equipment and find the most cost - effective  answer to meet your needs.

        Free quotes provided, inquire at ATUdesigns@gmail.com or call (336) 712-0569 for more information.

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