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Revised 2/18/2009





PLCDirect (Automation Direct) 05,06,105,205,305,405 



GE Series 1, TI305,TI405, Simatic 305,405



Special Modules : ABM, Thermocouple, Pulse Generation, Smart Slice, Analog, DCM, ethernet



Allen-Bradley  SLC 500 ,Control Logix 5000 w/motion , Compact Logix, PLC2, PLC5, Micrologix 1000 






Keyance KV Series 



Omron S20k, S6, C200 HX/HG/HE series






Servo / Stepper Motor Systems



Yaskawa Drives and Indexers



Pacific Scientific 750, 950, 940 (Sercos), Stepper Drive



Compumotor S Drives, 



PMI low inertia Servo Motors



Linear Acutators : Intelligent Actuator , Yamaha



Semix Stepper drives



Anihiem Automation Stepper Drives



Superior Electric Modulynx stepper drives



Emerson PCX Indexers/Drives



Bayside Servo Gearheads






Vision Systems



AllenBradley CVIM, CVIM2, Color CVIM



Acuity Power Vision



PC Bases Frame Grabber systems



Sony Cameras



Frame Splitters



Fiber Optic Illumination : Fostec, Dolan-Jenner



Oriel Telecentric Lenses



Volpi Bore Scopes lenses






Embedded Controllers



Computer Dynamics 80186 STD Bus multifunction CPU combo card, RS232 Cards



Prolog STD BUS - 8085 CPU, Timer Card,Opto-Isolated IO, Backplanes



Ziatech IEE488 Communications STD Bus 



Oregon Microsystems STD Bus Stepper Motor Controller Card



MicroLinks Multifunction CPU, display/Keyboard controllers






Development Systems



Intel Development System - ISIS operating System with ICE Pod "Blue Box"



Sophia Systems ICE Pod



BP Microsystems Eprom Programmer



Datamon RS232 Serial Analyzer






Operator Interfaces



Cmore Micro



Redlion G3 Panels



AllenBradley Panel View Plus



Xycom /Proface/Digital



AllenBradley Panel View 550 /600/1000



TCP Smart Touch, Quick Panel, IOP



BurrBrown,IEEE, Nematron,Plc Direct - Direct Touch, DV1000



Carol Touch Smart Frame Touch panels






AC/DC Drives



KB Electronics



Warner/ Seco Bronco DC Drives



Dan Foss AC Vector Drives 2-5 HP



Bodine Fractional Horsepower Motors and Drives



BB Motors Fractional Horsepower Drives



Safetronics Regenerative Drives



Oriental Motors/Drives



Camco Indexer Units






Photo-Electric Sensors



Banner,Keyance, Aromat, Omron,Sick, Scanamatic















Proximity Sensors



Turck,VeederRoot, Balluf, Allen-Bradley






Safety Devices



STI & Dolan Jener- light curtains , Proxagard, STI E-Stop Controllers



Safety interlocks: STI, Telemechanique, Guardian






Meters & Intelligent Counter/timers



Redlion,VeederRoot, Newport, Analogic, Omron, Vorne,






Heating Systems



PID controllers - Watlow, Redlion



Ameritherm Induction Heaters



Yuri Roll Induction Heated Rollers



Infrared Ovens



Watlow Cartridge/ Band Heaters



Osram Forced Air Heaters



Raytec Infrared measurement Sensors



IOMEGA Thermocouples, RTD's, infrared thermocouples






Test Systems



Cirris cable and HIPOT test



Bertran High Voltage Power Supplies



Test Pins: Everett Charles, Pogo



Cincinatti Pressure Tester









Numatic, SMC, Norgren, Bimba






Power Distribution



Disconnects - Square D, GE, 



Circuit Breakers - ABB, Westinghouse,



Transformers -Sola Hevi Duty, Acme, GE



Terminal Blocks - PlcDirect,Phoenix,Entrelec



DC Power Supplies - Omron, Sola, Lambda, Power One, Accopian









Computer Euipment



Most PC hardware for Microsoft Windows based systems (IE HDrives, CDROMS, ..etc)



Scanjet 5100C



3Com Ethernet Cards / small hubs



Blackbox Video/keyboard switch



Some MAC experience






Presses and Stamping Equipment



Bruder Stamping Presses



Magnum Hydrallic Presses



Kenco Rotary Presses



P/A Reeling Systems



Niesei  & Sumitomo Molding Presses






ID  Systems



MICROSCAN Bar Code Readers



Omron RF Tag









Intimate knowledge about most any type of connector/cable systems



High Voltage Corona Discharge Treatment systems



Norgren Grease Dispensing



Auto-Bagger bag making/filing units



Adept Robots



Domino Inkjet Systems



Injection Molding Equipment - Cincinnati, Engle



Lvdt force Measurement system



Somark Label Imprinting systems



Tampo-Print systems



Hot Melt Dispensing Systems / Precision Valves



Vibratory Feed Systems 



CMC Web-Guiding and Tension Systems:



Label Printing and automated applicators






Last Updated on 08/29/2006


By John