Photographs of  Ilnyk

The small village of Ilnyk is nestled in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine.  Click on the image for a more detailed picture.
Field of Lupine on Mountain Top in Ilnyk 1997
Another view of Ilnyk1997
Carpathian Village of Ilnyk 1997

Storm Approaching Ilnyk's
Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1977

After a summer rain in Ilnyk 1999

Ilnyk "Mak" or "Poppy" 1999

Fly Fishing on the Stryj River
Ilnyk 1999

Abandoned Polish Church Ilnyk 1999

The Trinity Still Remains
Polish Church Ilnyk 1999

Greek Catholic Church
Ilnyk 1999

Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Ilnyk 1997

All photos taken by John Washinsky, © 1997 to 2010