Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Egg)
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Pysanky Craft Aids

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CRAFT LATHE  # LATHE   $24.95 each  


Designed to hold eggs, wood, glass, vases and candlesticks. Base can be adjusted easily for objects up to 8" long and 4" wide.  Size 4" x 14", durable washable plastic. Foam rubber rings hold your egg in place. Really helpful if you are decorating many eggs or for drawing straight lines. Made in the USA.  Larger image and details.
Brief instructions on setting up the lathe.
Pysanky template set

CIRCLE  TEMPLATES   # TEMSET    $8.95 /set of 16

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Beneficial tool for perfect circles and aid for dividing the the egg into equal sections.  90, 60, and 45 degrees are marked for dividing the egg into 2, 4, 6, or 8 equal sections.  Sizes (diameter inches) from 1/4 inch to 4-7/8 inches, therefore suitable for most any size egg up to an ostrich egg.  Includes a users guide.
Larger image and more details.
Short demonstration from our on-line class,
Cleaning wire shown in fine kistka (kistka not included), which is the smallest kistka that we sell.
Useful for dislodging clogs in your kistka.  Each length is approximately 24 - 26 inches, and may be cut into sections as you wish.
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*One length of wire per order, while supplies last.
  Note:  If ordering pysanky kits #KITUB or # KITUAB, there is no need to 'buy' the wire from this page, as it is included in either kit.

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