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Ukrainian Embroidery
Traditional Women's Blouses
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Some of these blouses are from villages in Ukraine, others are purchased in shops but all are handmade and 100% hand stitched embroidered. These are NOT machine embroidered. .Other stores may show a typical shirt, but is it the same one that you are purchasing? At ATU, we take a picture of each blouse and measure each one individually.
 When you buy a blouse from us, you receive the same one pictured on our website.
No guessing, no surprises and if you are still not satisfied, return it in 30 days (USA only). See our   RETURN POLICY   All measurements are in inches and show the actual measurements of the material.  They may seem a little large, but this is normal. 
For choosing a size, consider shrinkage and allow extra room for comfort. See our SHIRT MEASUREMENT GUIDE.

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