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This is our first attempt of an online Pysanky Class.  Several years ago, my then 14-year old son--creator of video games--asked me what I was going to do with all that "free space" we have on the Website.  (He wanted to distribute his "Zap-the-Zombie" game.)  Well, it inspired an idea.  While we would love to offer pysanky-writing classes, operating a small family-owned business does not allow time for this on a regular basis.  So, my wife and I decided to put our class on the Web for everyone to use.  We tried to incorporate all the practical knowledge that we have discovered over the years, and present this to you.  Of course, there are many other folks, who are more qualified than we are, to do this.  We highly recommend obtaining a good beginner's book.  My design is very simple, and we are only showing the most basic concepts.  However, we hope to bring a little more knowledge to the beginner, and use the Internet to show you features that would be difficult to see in a book.  This tutorial is geared mainly toward the adult.  However, if children do use this tutorial, please supervise them, since a candle flame is used!  Burns are a reality, and no one wants to see their home set aflame.

The course is essentially divided into two parts.  The first part is theory. The second part is a step-by-step procedure to do one simple Pysanka design. Of course, we sell all the supplies you need, with a very good selection of instructional books that have many more designs of varying levels.

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We also have, at any given time, approximately 400 Pysanky from Ukraine on display for sale.  They are great source of ideas!
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 If you have any suggestions to improve this course, we would love to hear from you!