High quality, elegant  and completely handmade wood-boxes, candlesticks, decorated eggs, brooches,
napkin rings and plates from Kyiv Ukraine.  Created after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, this 
Ukrainian company along with its artists are part of a revival in this traditional art form.
Each piece starts from native Birch wood, which is found in Western 
The Birch is rough cut to smaller blocks. 
The Birch Block is then put on a lathe and turned to a smooth cylinder.

Then each of the Birch cylinders are turned by skilled craftsman into
boxes, candlesticks, Pysanky and many other items. No high tech,
computerized milling equipment here. Only old world craftsmanship. 
The next step is to apply a primer coat and then a special compound 
substance so an article takes on a required black base to prepare for 
intricate artwork.

The final  most important stage of the work is the painting itself which
is done with oil colors by professional artists. Sapfir currently employs
about 15 artists. Each one with thier own style and flair. 
Their imagination  has no limitation, therefore the number of ornamental 
designs can  really be unlimited. Each artist takes authorship of their work
and each is signed and dated. 

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