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Egg Blower

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 Blas-Fix Egg Blower      

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Very handy tool for emptying eggs before or after writing your Pysanka. 
Once you learn how to use it, it's quick and easy. 
Kit contains a hand-held drilling tool, pump (bellows) and blunt hollow needle (pictured on the left). 

CLICK HERE for a detailed demonstration
Use the drill to make a tiny hole in the bottom of the egg. Insert the needle to break up the yolk. 
Pump air into the egg with the hand-held bellows and needle. The air then forces the material out of that tiny hole. After completely emptied, pour water into the bellows and flush out the remainder of the egg. Allow egg to dry completely, hole side down (usually 24-48 hours) before waxing and dyeing.
All clean and no lingering odor. Made in Germany.

CLICK HERE for a detailed demonstration on how to use the egg blower.

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