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Donation for Ukraine's Armed Forces
Sponsored by Ukrainian Association of NC

Great News!  The Goal was reached!
The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina (UANC), together with many communities all over US, has joined efforts to support Ukraine and its people in their fight against Russia’s aggression. As you probably know, the Russian government has continued to breach the cease-fire--it continues to invade Ukraine, and includes the indiscriminate shelling of civilians, and the Peace "Agreement" signed in Minsk is a sham. The heroic performance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has repelled the invasion and inflicted heavy casualties to the invaders, but they need help.

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of many donors, we have surpassed the $4,000 goal for the purchase of a Thermal Imaging Scope Monocular for the 17th Tank Battalion.  Volunteers in Kyiv were able to purchase the Monocular for $3,500 and will hand-deliver it to the Battalion as soon as combat conditions permit.
The Association will continue to raise funds to buy optical devices that are
a priority for the troops.

For more information, visit UANC Website:
or visit their Facebook:

Thanks to all who have given generously for ALL our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters!

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